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    Zund Digital Cutters & Cutting Systems
    Zünd is leading in development and manufacturing of modular cutters and looks back on more than 30 years of experience. We are a family-owned business engaged worldwide in the development, manufacturing and distribution of multifunctional digital cutters. Our customers are manufacturers and service providers in the graphics, packaging, textile and leather industries, as well as in technical textiles and composites.
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    The right cutter for every segment


    Premium materials merit first-class processing
    Increase your productivity and flexibility in the shoe industry! Many years of experience, combined with innovative technology and Swiss precision, secure Zünd‘s position as leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems. Eliminate the need for expensive dies and reduce the need for manpower, all while processing leather, sole, lining, and pattern materials efficiently and at the highest levels of quality. Count on your modular Zünd cutting system to provide just the right tool for your materials. Superior cutting performance, low operating costs, and optimized workflow guarantee a quick return on investment.

    Maximum cut quality, maximum productivity
    At home, in the car, in the airplane: products cut on a Zünd are everywhere. Multifunctional, fast, precise - characteristics that make the Zünd ideal for cutting an exceptionally wide range of materials: leather, textiles, padding, stuffing, in addition to patterns from cardboard, particle board, or PVC. Zünd makes processing all of these materials not just simple but exceedingly efficient and cost-effective. No wonder so many renowned manufacturers rely on Zünd high-performance cutting systems.

    Unleashing creativity, realizing ideas
    Zünd cutters support your creativity - from idea to finished product. The modular design concept lends itself to anything from prototyping to high-volume production. Thanks to 15 cutter sizes and a wide range of tool and material-handling options, Zünd has the perfect solution for every application. You decide what type of production environment will work best for you, Zünd delivers the components necessary for optimizing your workflow. From simple material advance with manual loading to fully automated load/off-load system, everything is possible.



    Clean cut from the first thread to the last
    Whatever textiles or patterns made of paper, cardboard or plastic you may need to cut, our multi-functional cutting systems help you do it faster and more efficiently. Zünd can not only offer precise, productive and durable cutters but can also supply you with just the right cutting technology for your specific application. Our driven rotary tools, for example, are designed to cut a variety of textile materials with flawless precision. Every Zünd Cutter includes standardized interface options. With industry-specific solutions offered by our partners, you can easily expand your cutting system for custom applications.



    Dynamic markets demand ultimate flexibility
    You conduct ground-breaking research in composites, develop products and the perfect methods for manufacturing them… You build prototypes or produce highly specialized components in short series for customers with the most stringent quality requirements… You are confronted with the challenges of producing light-weight building products in large quantities… Zünd can offer you a modular, flexible, cost-effective expandable cutting system for processing various materials with impeccable precision.

    Individual requirements demand tailor-made solutions
    Zünd cutters are modular by design. With their built-in flexibility, they can be configured to meet an exceptionally wide range of cutting requirements. G3 and S3 cutters comply with the highest safety standards and are UL-certified. Standardized and open interfaces allow for integration in any production workflow. Zünd Cut Center software is compatible with a broad range of file formats and can be integrated with other software platforms. Zünd offers robust, proven and thousand times installed cutting technology for industrial applications.


    Technical Textiles:

    Versatility is our strong suit
    Adaptability for a wide spectrum of applications. Technical textiles comprise a broad palette of materials including treated and untreated fabrics, woven and non-woven materials, fleece or felt. Zünd cutting systems offer innovative features designed specifically for flawless processing of these materials. Our 3XL cutters, for example, efficiently handle up to 3.2m/126“ wide rolls. Sophisticated, fully automated material-handling systems such as the center winder can feed from rolls weighing up to 100kg/220lbs. During production even porous materials are reliably held down with powerful vacuum generators.


    Worldwide distribution and service
    Our headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland, are home to Zünd R&D, marketing and production. Besides our own sales and service organizations in Hong Kong (China), Franklin, WI (USA), Bangalore (India), Eersel (Netherlands) and Bergamo (Italy), we rely on a worldwide network of long-standing independent distribution partners. Zünd and Zünd partners alike excel in providing local presence as well as expert, comprehensive service and support.