Austria Vinegar Brewery and Schnapps Distillery - Gölles Manufactory

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    Vinegar Brewery and Schnapps Distillery - Gölles Manufactory
    In the Gölles distillery and vinegar brewery the focus is on the senses. Experience close and upfront the way fresh, fully ripe fruit is transformed into fine spirits and vinegars. On a visit to Gölles Schnapps Distillery & Vinegar Production you will be enchanted by the fragrance that some 1200 vinegar barrels exude. By trying some of our many different vinegars during a tasting session, chefs and aficionados alike will see and taste for themselves just how much natural goodness is to be found in every vinegar and how their dishes can be enhanced with it. You can trace the story of the apple as it is turned into fine spirits and take a look behind the scenes at our distillery, where spirits are still produced using traditional double fermentation. The high-proof tasting session that rounds off your visit to Gölles will be sheer pleasure.