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    Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
    Looking for a greener and cost effective cleaning solution? TierraTech is specialized in the manufacturing of ultrasonic cleaning systems and equipments and offers a wide range of professional ultrasonic cleaning products. At Tierra Tech we offer the best line of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machinery.
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    Tierra Tech - Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

    Tierra Tech manufactures the largest and most complete line of ultrasonic cleaner solutions in the world, with manufacturing facilities on two continents, Europe and North America and distribution to over 30 countries.

    Our commitment to quality and customer service means that at Tierra Tech® we are engaged in the ongoing research and development of new technologies and applications in the ultrasonic cleaning environment with the purpose of offering equipment and systems of the highest quality and effectiveness. Our entire manufacture and marketing process is endorsed by the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard.

    Right from the start we establish a close relationship with our clients, because only by truly understanding their needs and objectives we can offer the most suitable solution. We manufacture our equipment from premium-quality components and materials and perform exhaustive controls to ensure maximum effectiveness in the machinery.

    The choice of the right product is vital to obtain 100%-effective cleaning
    1. We have available a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment:
    - Lab and desktop equipment
    - Industrial units and systems
    - Multiphase units and systems: with 2 or more vats
    - Equipment for engines and accessories
    - Ultrasonic sets
    - Shutter cleaning equipment
    - Equipment for cleaning golf clubs

    2. We have a wide variety of cleaning products

    3. We place our lab at the disposal of our clients for performing all the necessary tests and developments to achieve maximum effectiveness in the cleaning process

    4. Our aftersales service meets your demands within 48 hours maximum

    Motor Clean: Ultrasonic cleaning systems for motor industry
    Tierratech manufactures and markets ultrasonic cleaning equipment with capacities between 50 and 7,000 litres, especially designed for cleaning motor engines, replacement parts and accessories. The Motor Clean range has been designed to meet the needs not only of car repair shops but also of naval and cogeneration engines, the aeronautics industry and grinding workshops and engine remanufacture.
    The products in the Tierratech Motor Clean range obtain a high level of cleaning quality, efficiently eliminating any kind of sediment: grease, oil, carbon deposits.

    LAB Line: from 1 to 26 litres. Specially designed for cleaning small parts
    Units of reduced dimensions with a capacity ranging from 1 to 26 litres. They are suitable for use in a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical, dental, jewellery, electronics, prototypes, tattoos, cleaning of surgical material and cleaning of small-sized pieces in general.

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