Brazil Specialty Coffees from Carmo de Minas

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    Specialty Coffees from Carmo de Minas
    Two young Brazilian entrepreneurs with a common dream: to make the unique specialty coffees of the Carmo de Minas microregion available to the world. CarmoCoffees is well-known for innovative business models built upon the passion for coffee and deep knowledge of the sector. The pioneering nature of the company in the sourcing of specialty beans directly at origin and long-term relationship with dozens of small growers allowed for top specialty coffees with extraordinary attributes from the region to reach clients all over the globe. These coffees, of the highest quality, receive increasing recognition and win the admiration of more markets around the globe, year after year.
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    CarmoCoffees has always believed in the quality potential of coffees from Carmo de Minas, micro region of Minas Gerais state, Brazil, and in valuing the history behind these coffees. The company, founded in 2005 by Jacques Carneiro and Luis Paulo Pereira Dias, was pioneer in revealing and promoting the specialty coffees from Carmo de Minas to the world.

    More than a commercial link between origin and buyer, CarmoCoffees is a partner of the coffee producer. Based on vales such as transparency, collaboration, sustainability and admiration, the company supports the grower, offering technical agronomical and commercial assistance so that he/she can produce more efficiently, add value to the product and later receive better differentials during commercialization.

    The exclusive Direct Trade program idealized by CarmoCoffees, the first of its kind in Brazil, works with a network of more than 80 growers/collaborators and key clients from several countries. The program values the history of the coffees grown in Carmo and allows for singular coffees to reach international clients and companies without intermediaries, with benefits for all parts involved. Through CarmoCoffees' hands exceptional coffees from Carmo de Minas and region have won the hearts and palate of quality enthusiasts all over the world.

    CarmoCoffee's Direct Trade Program

    CarmoCoffee's Direct Trade program reveals differentiated and exclusive coffees and connects small coffee growers of Carmo de Minas region to buyers worldwide in a sustainable way.

    By valuing the work of the small coffee grower and providing constant assistance and technical orientation from the husbandry stage to post-harvesting processing and quality management, CarmoCoffees offers tools and opportunities for its partners to produce better coffees, efficiently and sustainably, and be rewarded for that effort. Besides offering privileged access to markets, the company works in partnership with the growers, helping them strive for continuous quality improvement in the field and towards better profits, achieving better living conditions for themselves and their families.

    The program is grounded on concepts such as transparency, traceability, respect, partnership and sustainability. It is an innovative and pioneer program that brings together coffee producers and buyers in search of high quality.

    By bringing coffee buyers from international markets to get to know the micro region, the coffee plantations and growers in loco, CarmoCoffees’ Direct Trade program allows clients to understand the commitment to quality and sustainability that lies behind the cup, and makes them value the product even more. In addition to finding coffees that cater to their requirements, clients have the opportunity to discover coffees with differentiated profiles and special features from a very specific region, that are not found in any other coffee producing zone in the world.

    The Direct Trade program tells the story of each coffee and each grower. There are already more than 80 associated growers from Carmo de Minas and surrounding areas participating and the program keeps expanding. CarmoCoffees’ Direct Trade has already revealed many coffees with extraordinary qualities that are currently sold to micro-roasters and specialty coffee houses in the main consuming markets, of several countries.