Germany SEW-EURODRIVE Servomotors for highly dynamic applications

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    SEW-EURODRIVE Servomotors for highly dynamic applications
    Dynamic, able to withstand high torques and with optimal control characteristics. SEW-EURODRIVE CM.. series of synchronous servomotors are ideal for a wide range of application conditions. Simple bottle control or secondary packaging tasks are no problem for our servomotors. This series can position objects of virtually any inertia value with precision and accuracy. Regardless of the application. They are as effective for equipping a gantry robot as for a storage/retrieval system. With 3 motor sizes, each with 3 different lengths (4 lengths for the largest size), our servomotors cover a standstill torque range of 5 Nm to 68 Nm. Equipped with high-energy NdFeB magnets, these units can help your system achieve excellent overload behavior of 400% of the standstill current. With us, that comes standard. The state-of-the-art magnetic circuit technology also ensures high true-running accuracy and low torque ripple (cogging).