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    Photosynthesis Measuring Systems
    Heinz Walz GmbH is one of the world's top producers of highly sophisticated photosynthesis measuring systems and has been serving science for more than 40 years with sophisticated measuring devices for plant research. Walz has a longstanding success in providing high-end analytical devices to international scientists in the area of photosynthesis research. Technical progress in LED technology and other electronic components enables us to design instruments with unprecedented analytical potential.
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    The current product line ranges from the well known PAM chlorophyll fluorometers and light measuring equipment to gas-exchange systems for physiological and ecophysiological research. Dewpoint-mirror measuring systems as well as cold traps and measuring-gas coolers complement the line of products.
    In our field of expertise, we provide custom made solutions, reaching from small specialized accessories to complete measuring stations. A network of distributors in many countries provides close contact and technical advice to customers throughout the world.

    Product Categories

    Chl Fluorescence & P700 Absorbance
    A wide spectrum of PAM chlorophyll fluorometers is available for non-intrusive assessment of photosynthesis from single cells to whole leaves. All of these instruments employ the so-called “Pulse-Amplitude-Modulation” (PAM) measuring principle, which is unique in providing a selective measure of the relative chlorophyll fluorescence quantum yield. With the help of the “Saturation Pulse Method”, the quantum yield of photosynthetic energy conversion is derived.

    Gas Exchange
    The Heinz Walz GmbH has been pioneering gas exchange measuring systems and related products for more than 40 years. Our gas exchange instruments are equipped with high-resolution four-channel CO2/H2O infrared gas analyzers developed specifically for photosynthesis research. The parameters CO2, humidity, temperature and light can be controlled automatically within the physiological relevant ranges.

    Light Measurement
    For photosynthesis research special sensors are required, which determine light with specific spectral and directional properties in measuring units relevant for plants. We offer sensors, which measure the photon flux density or photon fluence rate of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Cosine-corrected planar sensors are recommended for leaves, and spherical sensors are recommended for algae. Also, a fast data logger with a large dynamic range is provided.

    Custom-Made Solutions
    In our area of expertise, we also produce research devices according to customer requirements. These devices range from complete gas-exchange measuring stations to small accessories. For example, special measuring heads for long-term observation of lichens with the MONITORING-PAM, or a special emitter-detector unit for simultaneous determination of plastocyanin and P700 with the DUAL-PAM-100 have been produced on customer’s request.

    Underwater Chlorophyll Fluorometer
    An impressive video illustrating in situ investigations of cyanobacterial photosynthesis using a Walz DIVING-PAM fluorometer has been released. The video was recorded during a 2013 research campaign in Greenland which was targeted to photosynthesis of algae on surfaces of submarine mineral formations (ikaide columns). This research campaign was sponsored in part by Walz.

    The DIVING-PAM Underwater Fluorometer is a worldwide unique instrument for studying in situ photosynthesis of underwater plants, including sea grasses, macroalgae, and zooxanthellae in corals.
    Based on the large experience with chlorophyll fluorescence analyses of terrestrial plants, investigations using the DIVING-PAM have shaped a clearer understanding of underwater photosynthesis under natural conditions.