Colombia Exotic Fruit from the Andes

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    Exotic Fruit from the Andes
    Discover a unique experience with our Exotic Fruit Jams, which use high-quality ingredients and traditional processes to create unique flavors. Our brand name EraVie stands for "Juice of Life" and the company's natural, unique and healthy products. Vidfruit has been involved in fruit processing for the food market since the year 2000. We develop, produce and market our products under the brand name EraVie, both nationally and internationally. Vidfruit processes, distributes and markets jams, dressings and frozen tropical fruit purees for the retail, food service and industrial markets. EraVie products are free of gluten, colouring, preservatives and chemical additives and the company's promise is to use only the best ingredients. We offer varieties such as pineapple, mango, banana passionfruit, borojo, tamarind, tamarillo, grape, goldenberry, blackberry, soursop, lulo, feijoa, guava, passionfruit mandarin and many more.