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    Durst Industrial Digital Inkjet Printer Systems
    Durst is the world's leading supplier of digital inkjet printer systems for industrial applications. High productivity, printing quality, reliability and flexibility are the unique features of Durst inkjet technology across all industries. The Durst inkjet technology, whether as a flatbed or roll-to-roll printer, provides convincing print quality, productivity, reliability and versatility. The machines' ability to print on rigid and roll media, and to quickly change from one media to the other is unique on the market.
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    Durst. The industrial inkjet specialist

    For more than a decade now, Durst has been the unrivaled technology leader in the segment of digital large format printing and has contributed considerably to the "Digital Revolution" of this industry.
    The innovative drive of Durst is instrumental in the digitalization of production processes in many segments. It guarantees long-term competitive advantage and profitability for its operators.




    Durst Digital Textile - Printing Added Value

    Digital inkjet technology from Durst provides the solution to the current challenges faced by the textile industry: increased flexibility, greater productivity, higher efficiency, better print quality, more designs, more colors and a greater margin as a result. At the same time, Durst inkjet technology reduces production costs, production time, the amount of energy required and the burden on the environment. Durst inkjet technology is an economical and ecological evolutionary step and offers greater added value in comparison to traditional production methods.

    Digital Inkjet Printing Systems for the Decoration of Ceramic Surfaces

    Since 2005, Durst has been the leading producer of digital printing machines for the decoration of ceramic surfaces. With the continuous development of the inkjet technology, Durst has contributed to the transformation of the tile from a functional wall- and floor covering to an interior- and design object. Be it the reproduction of natural stone, wood, photography or elaborate surface structures and -effects. Durst's extensive portfolio and the scalability of Durst systems form the perfect solution for any specification. The Durst inkjet technology enables precise ink application down to the picoliter, almost unlimited variations, the highest printing quality, saves material and costs, reduces storage risks and is less damaging on the environment. Above all though, it generates competitive advantage and provides access to global market opportunities.

    Digital Inkjet Printing Systems for Labeling

    Labels convey messages. They provide information about products, serve as advertising medium, encourage interaction and help to ensure a steady flow of goods. Labels are part of the packaging and of the product. Therefore, high standards are applied to the print, quality, the resistance and the functionality. With the inkjet technology, Durst provides the required flexibility, to produce fast, efficient and with the highest print quality for the complete range of application. Primarily small and medium runs are highly profitable with the digital Durst systems. The options are virtually unlimited and open up an enormous potential for new products and services in an ever changing market.

    Global Service and Support

    The Durst Service Team in the Support Center welcomes your individual inquiries. The Technical Academy allows you to attend one of our application-oriented training courses.
    Original Durst replacement parts ensure an ideal machine availability and an extended life span for your product, while guaranteeing low maintenance costs.