Hungary Custom Personalized Chocolate Bar

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    Custom Personalized Chocolate Bar
    chocoMe creates your custom personalized chocolate bar! Since perfection means something different for each chocolate lover, our enterprise provides the possibility of creating more than 60 million different variations of uniquely designed, customized chocolate bars. When we create our chocolates in the spirit of making no compromises, we use exclusively premium quality ingredients; furthermore, to avoid the mass-production process, we prepare and package every bar of chocolate with our hands.
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    chocoMe creates your custom personalized chocolate bar

    chocoMe was established with the ultimate purpose of creating the perfect bar of chocolate.

    chocoMe is a special hand made chocolate bar made from highest quality belgian chocolate.

    chocoMe creates chocolates in the spirit of making no compromises, using exclusively premium quality ingredients.

    Our chocolate-bars:

    We buy all three base materials from one of the world’s leading premium chocolate manufacturers, the Belgian "Callebaut" company. After having tested many different flavors, we selected these three bases with the conviction that they are the most suitable for our finest chocolate delicacies.

    Chocolate pastilles are extremely sensitive materials. Their processing is called tempering, during which the main goal is to achieve an appropriate crystal form of the chocolate, the so-called beta-structure (the fats in cocoa butter can crystallize in six different forms). The three different types of chocolate bases (dark, milk, and white) need to be processed at different temperatures, by continuously stirring the mass for a given period of time using a sophisticated method. In the final stage, we sprinkle the toppings of your choice on each chocolate bar, and keep them in a refrigerator for two hours. After taking them out, the chocolate bars are left to assume room temperature; then they reach the last step of the procedure, wrapping and packaging.

    Our freeze-dried fruits:

    Freeze-drying (or lyophilization) is a dehydration process during which the product that needs to be dried is frozen first, then, with the surrounding pressure reduced, very slowly heat is added in order to allow the frozen water in the material to "disappear". More precisely, the ice is allowed to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase, avoiding the liquid phase.

    The detailed description of the freeze-drying procedure is the following: If the pressure is lowered to a few millibars, water sublimates from its solid state (i.e. ice), meaning that when heat is supplied, ice doesn’t turn into water, but transitions to its gas state without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. This occurs at very low pressure, usually under 6 millibars. Therefore, first the product is frozen, placed into a vacuum chamber where the surrounding pressure is reduced to less than 6 millibars. After this, no heating is needed: It is sufficient to bring the product to room temperature very slowly. For instance, in order to make strawberries from frozen strawberries, not less than 20-24 hours is required!

    There are two main advantages of freeze-drying compared to other traditional drying methods. First, no considerable amount of heat is used; therefore, heat doesn’t damage the valuable substances of the material. Vitamins don’t become dissolved, the product retains its color and taste, and the fructose content doesn’t become destroyed either. Second, during the freeze-drying process there is no form of liquid water, in other words, no evaporation occurs. Therefore, valuable substances, such as the nutritional content, don’t leave the fruit with the evaporating water but remain entirely in the fruit. Afterwards nothing needs to be “restored” or supplemented, thus freeze-dried products do not contain any added aromas, sugars, coloring agents, vitamins, or mineral substances—everything is "original" in them.

    Please send us your Quotation Request by indicating your chosen chocolate bar for the base and your topping wishes with your unique name and we will send you our individual offer.