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    BOMAFA Special Valve Solutions
    BOMAFA develops and produces high-quality valves for steam, gas and water. The valves are used in nearly all kinds of power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants and a range of various other industrial applications. Our customized manufactured valves are of the highest quality and renowned for their impressive durability. The construction is made in accordance with the requirements of modern construction techniques and international regulations.

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    Special Valve Solutions

    Over almost one hundred years, BOMAFA has played a highly innovative and active role as a trusted partner in numerous worldwide power stations and industrial plants. Our high quality customized industrial valves are now used in a number of areas of critical application and successfully meet the highest operational standards. BOMAFA products are of the highest quality because we are aware of the serious consequences that will occur if a valve fails. Consequently, by choosing BOMAFA you are choosing reliability and we will help to ensure that your power station or plant will not be brought to a standstill.

    We invite you to peruse our extensive product range and review our working method. We hope that you will be able to see the value we can add and from there consider a collaboration with BOMAFA. We trust that our innovative approach, the considerable experience of our employees and our long standing tradition will convince you to choose BOMAFA as your preferred partner. Flexible and competent in our approach and consistently delivering products of the highest quality, we are confident that our family owned enterprise will meet your specific needs.




    Special Strength: intelligent service

    To this day, we at BOMAFA are committed to developing valves that are both highly durable and very service friendly. When designing a valve, our design engineers will consider the entire "life time costs" of the valve.
    By taking the above outlined approach into consideration, our valves are constructed as modules. And this means that the servicing or repair of valves will be easy and in turn ensures that shut down time and costs are minimised.

    So when power stations or industrial plants need a quick yet efficient inspection and service of their valves on site, they pay return to BOMAFA. To ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and to provide exceptional support in the case of emergencies, we can be contacted around the clock. In a very short space of time, our experienced personnel will be dispatched to your site to service or restore the valve to full working order.

    Our personnel is at your disposal to answer any questions on technical matters, spare parts, refurbishment, installation and services concerning our products.

    Become an international Valve Distributor for BOMAFA

    We stretch our growth strategy to new markets and are now looking for highly motivated industrial valve distributors in North and Central America, Spanish speaking South America and Central Asia.
    You are offered the opportunity to represent a truly German company with over 90 years of market experience and state of the art technology in the field of steam conditioning valves.

    Contact us for further information and for exchange of ideas!